Do you find that your radiators have cold spots? Is the system making noises?

If the answer is yes, then your central heating system may benefit the removal of sludge in the radiators, pipework or boiler.

The Magnacleanse is a central heating flushing process that removes sludge from your central heating system. By removing the sludge from the system, It restores the heating circulation. 

When we use the magnacleanse on your heating system we remove all build up of sludge and iron oxide within the system by also using a chemical cleaner help remove stubborn areas. The chemical breaks down the sludge allowing the magnacleanse to catch all the debris. After we have finished the flush, we then provide you ongoing protection for your system by using inhibitor and we advise that you install a magnaclean filter. 

When completed we can issue you with a certificate for your to keep for your records and to have the evidence for any future home sales and some insurance purposes.

Our magnacleanse flushes start from £400 includes chemicals and inhibitor. We price by radiator sizes, how many radiators your property has, condition of heating system and components.

If you would like to discuss or book a magnacleanse flush please call us on

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