Boiler Servicing & Repair


Boiler Servicing

Having your boiler serviced every year, may help to prevent unexpected costs with boiler breakdowns in the future.

Any faults found at service can be repaired and this will help keep your boiler operating safely and working as efficiently as possible. 

Manufacturers will only honour their warranties if you make sure you have your boiler serviced annually.  

Boiler Breakdowns & Repairs

It's never good when your boiler breaks down and you're left with no heating or hot water with an unexpected repair cost. 

We realise this can be very frustrating for you. That's why we do our very best to carry out all repairs within 24 hours* of diagnosis to make sure you are not left without heating or hot water for any longer than is necessary. In the meantime, we also offer electric heaters if you go ahead and book the repair with us. 

*payment for part/s and availability of parts and heaters permitting.