Smart Home



Have Nest installed and let the thermostat learn how you like to control your heating. This clever thermostat will learn how you like to control your heating and operate to come on and off by your routines. Control it from your phone, laptop or computer. The Nest can be fitted upstairs and downstairs to control different zones in your home along with zone valves fitted on your central heating system. This gives you the option to control either upstairs or downstairs individually. The Nest is hard wired and does need a power supply to power the device. 



Like Nest, Hive can be controlled by all your devices. Hive can be installed as one single thermostat or can also be installed with additional thermostats known as multi zones, allowing you to control separate floors or rooms individually.These multi zones can be controlled with additional zone valves added onto the heating system pipework. Hive also have the smart thermostatic radiators valves available, allowing you to control up to 11 different rooms individually giving you more control over the heating system and also not having to disturb any existing pipework by adding zone valves. The Hive is a wireless thermostat so does not need to be hard wired. 


Smart thermostatic radiator valves

Smart thermostatic radiator valves give you the ability to zone & control your home to your exact preferences without having to disturb any pipework or add on any zone valves to the central heating system. You Have the ability to control each room in the house to your desired timing and temperature, giving less wear & tear on the boiler and also saving you money on your heating bills .